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| less than a minute read

SEC Stays Climate Disclosure Regulations in Response to Consolidated Eighth Circuit Challenges

On April 4, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) issued an order staying the implementation of the recently finalized climate disclosure rules (Final Rules) in response to the consolidated legal challenges in the Eighth United States Circuit Court of Appeals. 

The SEC has discretion to stay its rules pending judicial review and the SEC stated that a stay would “allow the court of appeals to focus on deciding the merits [of the cases]." However, this voluntary stay should not be taken as a sign that the SEC intends to abandon the Final Rules, as the SEC said it will “continue vigorously defending the Final Rules’ validity in court and looks forward to expeditious resolution of the litigation.” 

The Final Rules have faced a slew of legal challenges since adoption and the SEC also noted that the stay avoids potential uncertainty if registrants were to become subject to the Final Rules during the pendency of the legal challenges.


capital markets, corporate, esg