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| 1 minute read

Katten’s Paul Musser Spotlights Turnaround Experts as Host of the TMA Chicago Midwest Podcast

Working with TMA Chicago Midwest, Katten has relaunched the chapter’s podcast with Insolvency and Restructuring Partner Paul Musser as host. 

The podcast aims to showcase the chapter’s diverse members and sponsors through engaging conversations with turnaround practitioners, attorneys, lenders, investors and others in the industry. Each episode delves into the pressing issues faced by these experts in the realm of corporate renewal and restructuring, offering valuable insights into their world.

“I’m excited to have this platform to explore the wide variety of roles involved in corporate restructuring,” said Paul, who is the chapter’s Vice President - Education and oversees the education, membership and NOW committees. “There are so many interesting people with great stories about how they became involved in this industry and what motivates them personally and professionally.”

In the inaugural episode, Paul speaks with Jack O’Connor, the 2024 TMA Chicago Midwest Chapter President and a partner in the Financial Services & Restructuring Group at Levenfeld Pearlstein. Jack discusses this year’s theme, “Success through Service,” his journey to chapter presidency, and the ways in which active participation in TMA has grown his network and enriched his law practice.

Listen to the episode.


insolvency and restructuring, podcast