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| less than a minute read

'ESG, China & Investability' Discussed on Latest (mis)Conduct, Money & Reputation Podcast

An increasingly diverse regulatory landscape presents substantial reputational challenges for investment managers. 

Amid the shifting ESG terrain at the heart of financial services, investment firms are recalibrating their approach to sustainability, grappling with the balance between upholding ESG principles and avoiding regulatory pitfalls. If you're managing ESG-related funds, you could be fired by some of the largest pension funds in the United States.  

Asset managers need to navigate an increasingly vocal anti-ESG group of asset owners, as well as the renewable energy investments in China and the tragic impact of global conflicts. 

In this episode of (mis)Conduct, Money & Reputation, Katten Partner Neil Robson, Lansons|Team Farner Asset Management Lead David Masters and Lansons|Team Farner Sustainability Lead Sam Sharpe delve into the evolving sustainable investment challenges faced by asset and wealth managers while regulations and attitudes move in differing directions.

Listen to the latest episode: 

[U]ltimately, my view now sitting here, late 2023, is that I think a lot of companies have sort of got a social imperative to earn their license, the social license with the investors and the public that seems to be growing. -- Neil Robson


podcast, financial markets and funds, esg, esg and sustainable investing