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| less than a minute read

Gary DeWaal Speaking on DeFi at 2021 NASAA Fintech and Cybersecurity Symposium

Financial Markets and Funds partner Gary DeWaal will speak on a panel "The Future of Decentralized Finance (DeFi): What if there is no center to hold?" during the 2021 NASAA Fintech and Cybersecurity Symposium on December 14th. 

The panel will explore what "decentralization" means to the industry, what it means to regulators and whether there needs to be a new idea of a central mover that regulators can use to enforce investor protection.

The 2021 NASAA Fintech and Cybersecurity Symposium is a half-day event that will gather professionals from the fintech and cybersecurity industries, regulation, and higher education to discuss issues related to fintech and cybersecurity. Attendees will hear presentations and panel discussions pertaining to Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocols and the concept of a central mover for regulatory enforcement. We will also discuss the potential for conflict, and the need to assess responsibility, when firms employ third-party services and products for cybersecurity compliance programs.


crypto, blockchain, fintech