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| less than a minute read

Another Hospital System Requires All Employees to Obtain COVID-19 Vaccinations

One of the questions which has been raised by employers, including hospitals, is whether they have the right to require all of their employees to obtain COVID-19 vaccinations as a condition of employment. Although the answer generally is "yes,” there are other factors to consider before imposing this mandate. Moreover, there may be exceptions based on religious and other grounds.

For more information, please read the the Katten Client Advisory titled "Employers' Next COVID-19 Conundrum: To Mandate Vaccination, or not to Mandate Vaccination".

"Over the last year, we have lost patients, senior residents, community members, and one Benefis employee to COVID-19," said Benefis. "Vaccinations are especially important for people who have greater risk for contracting vaccine-preventable illnesses and for people who work with vulnerable populations. Healthcare delivery is among the riskiest, and we need the safest environment with the healthiest workforce to meet the needs of those we serve."


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