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| less than a minute read

Paul Musser and Hilco VP Jamie Cote Discuss Market Trends, Impact of Remote Work and Bass Guitar

There’s consistent activity in the insolvency and restructuring space, especially when it comes to post-pandemic real estate.

The latest episode of the TMA Chicago Midwest Podcast, features Jamie Cote, a Vice President at Hilco Real Estate, where he uses both conventional and accelerated structured sales as well as auctions to aid clients in achieving their business goals.

In the conversation, we discuss the general state of distress in real estate, including what’s happening with office space in urban and suburban areas in an era of remote or hybrid work and increased interest rates. Jamie also shares tips for buyers and sellers, and the two discuss where there are increased areas of distress and what’s coming back post-pandemic. 

Closing out the episode, we take a spin “Behind the Music” to chat about his and Jamie’s shared interest in music, especially Jamie’s band of insolvency and restructuring professionals, “Adequate Protection,” which plays industry events. 

Listen to the episode:


podcast, insolvency and restructuring, real estate