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| less than a minute read

Your Year-End Estate Planning Checklist: Don't Drop the Ball!

Before the ball drops in 2023 and signals the start of the New Year, there are some things you can do to ensure your estate planning is in order:

  • Make year-end annual exclusion gifts of $17,000 ($34,000 for married couples).
  • Make year-end IRA contributions.
  • Create 529 Plan accounts before year-end for children and grandchildren. Consider front-loading the accounts with five years’ worth of annual exclusion gifts, considering the aggregate of any gifts made to children and grandchildren during the year.
  • Pay tuition and non-reimbursable medical expenses directly to the school or medical provider.
  • Consider making charitable gifts (including charitable IRA rollovers of up to $100,000, in certain circumstances) before year-end to use the deduction on your 2023 income tax return.

The above checklist is just a slice of our comprehensive 2023 Year-End Estate Planning Advisory. Check it out for a more thorough review of estate planning trends in 2023 and strategies for 2024 and beyond. 


estate planning, private wealth