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| 1 minute read

Katten Partner Creates Compliance Manual & Policy Plan for Developing Ironbound Boxing & Education Franchise

Amateur boxing coach and New York-based partner Stephen Morris, Financial Markets and Funds, is working with pro bono client Ironbound Boxing & Education as it builds its franchise vision for an accessible space for New Jersey youth. 

FMF Partner Stephen Morris

In addition to several other projects, Steve most recently drafted a comprehensive compliance manual and help the nonprofit implement related policies and procedures.

Rooted in Newark, Ironbound Boxing and Education works to create a community for youth and young adults who share a commitment to excellence in amateur boxing and, through the grit and discipline that such commitment instills, to achievement in educational, professional and entrepreneurial pursuits outside of the ring. 

“Iron” Mike Steadman founded Ironbound Boxing and Education in 2017. A three-time NCAA Boxing Champion, graduate of the US Naval Academy, and a Marine Corps infantry officer who served in Afghanistan, Steadman was inspired first-hand by how boxing fosters resilience. Ironbound Boxing is the realization of his dream to make a free boxing gym, operating as a nonprofit, available to Newark youth. 

In 2020, Mike established Thrive by Ironbound, an incubator for young entrepreneurs. Thrive has trained over 40 young people in the basic principles of entrepreneurship and distributed over $11,000 in microgrants. The Ironbound Boxing Scholarship was established in 2021 to assist amateur boxers based at boxing gyms in Newark with the cost of trade school, community college or university.

Steve, who also is a member of its Board of Directors and a volunteer coach at the gym, focuses his work with Ironbound Boxing on helping the nonprofit shore up its compliance processes, protecting the franchise from liability, and helping it qualify for institutional funding that will enable Ironbound to expand its footprint in Newark.


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