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| 1 minute read

Team Katten 'Plane Pull' Results Are In (Video)

Dunk tank during SOSC plane pull eventResults are in (and we have video)!

In late September, an intrepid team of Katten volunteers, friends and family summoned all of their strength and fortitude to compete in the Special Olympics Southern California Plane Pull at the Long Beach Airport. Captained by California Offices Administrator Shelley Wissot and two Special Olympics athletes, Team Katten pulled a 124,000-pound jet a distance of 12 feet in a very respectable 8.62 seconds. See the video below.

Through its sponsorship of this event, Team Katten helped SOSC raise nearly $250,000!

Special shout out to HR coordinator Ninna Brando who bravely sat in the dunk tank that Katten operated in conjunction with the event. The dunk tank raised almost $400 and was by far the best-attended, most spirited and most fun booth at the event!

Katten is a proud supporter of Special Olympics Southern California and the phenomenal, inspiring Special Olympians we’ve met along the way.


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